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As tough as concrete, as free as a bird in the sky –
what a contrast but it´s what describes her music best. Blending the cold and dirty attitude of Trap music with melodic soothing tunes that take you on a relaxing journey, the German/American artist Caddy Pack emerges from beautiful Germany that shares borders with nine other countries.



She was only 14 when she started to write her own lyrics, and after several years of creating music she found herself to be influenced by a variety of genres and the beauty of mother nature.

Caddy Pack believes in freedom of art, creativity, peace and human equality.



One of the most remarkable things is her unique stage presence - 4.9 feet of bursting energy that leaves a distinctive fascination left with every audience she performs to. She gets hundreds of people call and respond to her and her songs even though many hear them for the first time. So far she has gathered remarkable references such as performing as the support act of following artists: Young M.A,
Eric Bellinger, Travis Porter,  Waka Flocka Flame,
Soulja Boy, Ying Yang Twins, 2 Chainz, T-Wayne,
Petey Pablo, Kurtis Blow, Lady Souvereign & more!
Also German Acts: Xavier Naidoo, Kool Savas , Azad, Das Bo, D-Flame and songs with:

Joelina Drews, Money Boy & Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht.


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